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Aero Space Welding Jan 13, 2021 12:00:00 AM 1 min read

Nadcap and What it Means for Aircraft Quality

What does Nadcap mean for aircraft quality

The production of commercial aircraft occurs on a global scale. According to the Defense and Security Monitor, 2019 was a banner year for Airbus, who delivered a record 642 A320 family jets. In December 2019, Boeing and Airbus delivered 35 and 138 commercial aircraft, compared to 102 and 127 deliveries in December 2018. Unfortunately, Boeing’s deliveries took a hit in 2019 following two highly-publicized 737 MAX crashes. These tragedies pretty much brought subsequent deliveries to a halt and grounded the fleet.

Keeping aircraft production at peak levels while continuing a track record for safety means the need for reliability and quality manufacturing. Aerospace vendors must produce safe and efficient airplanes while simultaneously seeking new technology and equipment to drive the industry forward. Doing so requires significant involvement at all phases within the supply chain, especially with specific aircraft under scrutiny due to 2019’s crashes.

Programs such as Nadcap were designed to perform audits and provide the necessary accreditation for aerospace manufacturers. By taking the time to educate yourself on the Nadcap program, you will understand how suppliers and manufacturers partner together to improve efficiency and safety across the aerospace industry.

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