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Metal bellow seam weld (inconel)


Resistance Welding Services

A highly experienced Nadcap-accredited resistance seam welding department.

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Lynn Welding offers comprehensive resistance seam welding services to a diverse clientele. Utilizing SCIAKY welders renowned for their precision, Lynn Welding ensures adherence to the aerospace industry's stringent tolerances. These SCIAKY welders are capable of seam welding various metals including aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, and inconel, maintaining optimal conditions for high-quality welds.

Our resistance seam welding operations are rigorously monitored by our internal quality department to ensure compliance with NADCAP( National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program). standards. The NADCAP certification enables Lynn Welding to produce seam welds that meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace and defense industries.

The seam welding process involves creating a series of overlapping welds using two rotating wheel electrodes without separating the electrodes between weld spots. This method ensures air and liquid-tight seals, making it ideal for critical applications in aerospace and defense.

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NADCAP accredited resistance welding
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Resistance seam welding NADCAP approved
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resistance welding class A aluminum per d17.2, MIL-W-6858
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Resistance seam welding at Lynn welding
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"Thank you for having such a great Team, the level of communication, and follow up, is definitely first class, and I just wanted to extend my gratitude toward you, and your Team for the great work they do. I know Aerospace can be a “thankless” industry sometimes, and always feels like “what have you done for me lately”, however, I just want you to know, we appreciate Lynn Welding’s great work, and look forward to continue a successful business relationship."
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