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Torch Brazing

NADCAP accredited brazing services

Welding Services

Lynn Welding is NADCAP-accredited for brazing. Our certified brazers regularly join dissimilar materials to X-ray standards.


Certified torch brazing is becoming harder to source due to the lack of experience in the aerospace marketplace. Luckily the skilled brazing technicians at Lynn Welding have years of experience and they are ready to tackle your next brazing project. From brazing flight-critical fuel supply lines to brazing pitot probes, our experience allows us to tackle your flight-critical assemblies with precision and skill. Lynn Welding’s torch brazing cells are NADCAP-approved, and our technicians are certified to most aerospace brazing specifications. Lynn Welding provides torch brazing services in accordance with Mil-B-7883, AWS C3.4, AWS C3.5, AMS2664 and AMS266.

Advantages of our NADCAP-accredited brazing include:

  • Properly brazed joints are pressure-tight.
  • Brazing allows the joining of dissimilar metals.
  • Precision dimensions can be maintained while brazing machined components.
  • Extremely thin-walled material that cannot be welded can be joined by brazing.
  • Brazing can join fabrications economically
  • There is less heat “shock” and distortion when brazing
Torch brazing in Connecticut at Lynn Welding
Fuel filter brazed per AMS 2665
Brazing per AMS 2665 (1)
NADCAP certified torch brazing
Brazing per ams 2666 of marine component
Hand torch brazing of an engine seal
Aerospace torch brazing at Lynn Welding
Brazing per AMS 2665
NADCAP certified brazing  (1)
Soldered components using 80au-20sn gold solder
"Just wanted to say thank you.  Your team really came through for us on our project.  I cannot stress how happy I am to be getting them more than a week earlier."
Approvals & Certifications

Torch Brazing

Below are the Torch brazing approvals Lynn Welding currently holds, for full list of approvals please visit our certifications page.

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