Defense / Mil-Spec Welding

Mil-Spec Welding Services for Defense Applications

Defense Welding is our specialty. Our NADCAP approved defense welding services allow us to perform welds on components for most components.

Specializing in Defense Welding Services

At Lynn Welding, we specialize in defense welding services for the defense and military industry. Military spec welding is a United States military welding standard that is used as a basis for quality assurance. This assures the optimum quality of the weld and validates the capability and repeatability of a resistance welding machine used where weld quality is vital in the manufacturing of critical parts, as in the defense and military industries.

Designing and fabricating components for the defense industry is a high-risk endeavor, and our clients trust that we will meet their needs with customized solutions all while keeping costs to a minimum and keeping the highest quality standards. We understand the rigorous standards and deadlines that must be met in the defense welding industry and we strive to meet and exceed these for every project!

Quality Mil-Spec Welding Services

At Lynn Welding, we perform rigorous quality inspections on all of defense welding services projects.  Lynn welding holds an extensive list of qualifications from a broad list of customers and is extremely well respected within the aerospace community when it comes to producing mil-spec welding services.

Lynn Welding's Defense / Mil-Spec Welding Approvals



Lynn Welding is a well known Raytheon Approved Welding company when it comes to welding and machining for the Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Industrial, and Medical industries.

Raytheon Approved Fusion Welding

Raytheon Approved Resistance Welding

Bell Helicopter

Bell Helicopter

Lynn Welding is Bell Helicopter approved for Resistance Welding and Fusion Welding processes, and preparation of metals.

Bell Helicopter Approved Fusion Welding

Bell Helicopter Approved Resistance Welding

General Electric

General Electric

Lynn Welding holds a certification from GE Aviation for Fusion Welding, Brazing, & Resistance Welding.

General Electric Approved Fusion Welding

General Electric Approved Brazing

General Electric Approved Resistance Welding

Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman

Approved by Northrop Grumman for Fusion Welding & Resistance Welding. All Procedures are GTAW-MA (Gas Tungsten Arc Weld-Manual)

Northrop Grumman Approved Fusion Welding

Northrop Grumman Approved Resistance Welding

United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance

United Launch Alliance welding certifications. All Procedures are GTAW-MA (Gas Tungsten Arc Weld-Manual)

United Launch Alliance Approved Fusion Welding

United Launch Alliance Approved Resistance Welding

General Dynamics

General Dynamics

Lynn Welding is approved by General Dynamics for Fusion Welding, Resistance Welding, Spot, Seam and Stitch

General Dynamics Approved Fusion Welding

General Dynamics Certified Resistance Spot Welding

Augusta Westland

Augusta Westland

Approved by Agusta Westland for Resistance Welding, Spot, Seam, Stitch as well as Fusion Welding processes.

Augusta Westland Approved Resistance Welding

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