Fixtures and Tooling

Precision Fixtures Custom Made!

Lynn Welding builds precision fixtures and tooling for welding, assembly, inspection and machining.

At Lynn Welding, we all know too well the importance of tooling and, that having a creative approach to a client’s problem is crucial. Lynn Welding helps you streamline the entire fixtures & tooling development process. Lynn Welding's advanced functionality and, step-by-step guidance are a solution to even the most challenging tooling and fixture designs.

Lynn Welding builds fixtures, including:

  • High Tolerance CNC machining fixtures
  • Machined component gages
  • Part qualification test fixtures
  • Switch tester
  • Contact Testers
  • Cable cutter/measure/testers
  • Feeding systems
  • Inspection systems
  • Assembly systems
  • Micro resistance welding systems (also micro resistance welding services in-house)
  • Machining services
  • WIRE EDM services
  • Assembly Services

Lynn Welding is a manufacturer of custom vertical and horizontal machining fixtures. Available with hydraulic, pneumatic, manual, captured oil-accumulator built into the fixture, and spring clamp with air and hydraulic unclamp actuation options. Our machining fixture capabilities include concept development, installation, repair,  refurbishing, and assembly. Provides CAD and detail drawings and commercial items. Suitable for various high-volume manufacturing applications.

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