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micro-resistance welding

Micro resistance Welding

Resistance Welding Services

Over 12 Capacitive Discharge resistance welding machines in Lynn Welding's micro-resistance welding department.


Lynn Welding’s Micro-resistance welding capabilities were born out of a customer request. The request was for a .004” thick stainless-steel foil patch to be welded onto an existing metal encapsulated insulation blanket. The metal encapsulated insulation blanket was permanently joined to a sophisticated military exhaust system. If the fatigue cracks in that exhaust system could not be patched the entire unit would be scrapped. Lynn Welding utilized its Amada 1000 ADP Advanced Capacitive Discharge Welders to develop a repair procedure that was ultimately approved by the United States Air Force.

Our facility keeps numerous welding heads and handheld units in stock so that most types of welds can be performed at any time. Our micro-resistance seam welding heads are typically used for hermetic sealing of thin foils while the micro-resistance welding press heads are often used to join terminal connections in sensitive electrical components. Many sensitive electronics that cannot be exposed to heat from a soldering process can be micro-resistance welded. Most recently Lynn Welding was hired by a major defense contractor to micro-resistance spot weld a .011” diameter spring onto a gyroscopic guidance component. The springs on this component were used to provide stabilization during impact events. The welds were critical to the functionality of the device and the micro-resistance welding process was selected because of its reproducibility, longevity and reliability. Foil and wire thicknesses from .0005” to .015” are typically welding using the micro-resistance welding process.

  • Wires and Foils
  • Honeycomb Welding (for pre-braze positioning)
  • Sensitive electronics
  • Hermetic sealing of foils using the micro-resistance seam welding process.
  • Small electronic and mechanical components
  • Lighting Components
  • Battery Tabs
  • Sensors
  • Motor connections
  • Miniaturized components.
  • Joining in heat sensitive areas
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micro resistance welding
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"Lynn welding has done very well for Innovent. The quality of work that is done at Lynn welding speaks for itself."
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