About Lynn Welding Co., Inc.

Lynn Welding’s rich history has created a working culture based on quality and experience. Today Lynn Welding is one of the most well known names when it comes to welding and machining  for the Aerospace, Defense, Nuclear, Industrial, and Medical industries. What started as a small one man welding shop has turned into a company that is considered the ultimate solution when complex welding and machining assignments arise. Our ability to weld, machine and fabricate entire assemblies is what makes us truly unique. Lynn welding holds an extensive list of qualifications from a broad list of customers and is extremely well respected within the aerospace community when it comes to producing X-RAY quality welds. Take a look below to see our company timeline!


2019  -  Robotic Welding Services Added

Robotic Welding Services Added

Lynn Welding Purchased GTAW robotic welding cells and GTAW circumferential Welding cells to add to its precision welding capabilities.

2018  -  Second location Added

Second location Added

Lynn Welding leases an additional building that will allow for expanded welding capabilities.

2016  -  Expansion funding granted

Expansion funding granted

Lynn Welding received a 250K grant from the state of Connecticut to fund its facility expansion which includes a 10,ooo sqft addition for it new GTAW welding department.

2014  -  A Well Oiled Machine

A Well Oiled Machine

In 2014 Lynn Welding is poised for its most efficient operations since its beginning. With the acquisition of new equipment, the hiring of new talent, and a drive for success, Lynn Welding is ready to be at the forefront of manufacturing excellence.

2013  -  AS9100/ISO9001 Certification

AS9100/ISO9001 Certification

Lynn Welding passes its preliminary AS9100/ISO9001 audit and achieves certification. Thanks to the talented quality team and all of the shop personnel Lynn Welding is positioned to take on new customers through achieving the certification.

2011  -  Client Growth Continues

Client Growth Continues

Beginning in 2011 Lynn Welding begins to accumulate many new welding approvals for companies such as Hawker Beechcraft, Gulfstream, and Bell Helicopter.

2009  -  New Growth for Lynn Welding

New Growth for Lynn Welding

Lynn Welding undergoes the beginning of a comprehensive growth strategy: Core initiatives include: Capital reinvestment, asset utilization, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, innovation and many other components of operational excellence.

2007  -  Ownership Changes Hands

Ownership Changes Hands

Upon Jim and Joe’s retirement Jan (John) Kania takes ownership of Lynn Welding. Jan has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, He founded and operated a successful manufacturing firm which he later sold after acquiring Lynn Welding

2002  -  NADCAP Accreditation

NADCAP Accreditation

Lynn Welding achieves NADCAP accreditation from the performance review institute (PRI) for: resistance welding, fusion welding, and brazing.

1987-2002  -  Increased Capabilities

Increased Capabilities

Jim, Joe and Robert build the current manufacturing plant located in Newington CT.

1985  -  New Members

New Members

Joe Inglis (Jim’s brother) and friend Robert Schoenberger join Lynn Welding and begin diversifying into the precision machining market using their machining experience.

1984  -  Introduction into Aerospace

Introduction into Aerospace

Lynn Welding’s high quality reputation earns itself entry into the aerospace welding market.

1983  -  Lynn Welding diversifies

Lynn Welding diversifies

Lynn welding purchases Sciaky resistance welders which later become one of its most sought after services.

1982  -  First shop in Hartford, CT

First shop in Hartford, CT

Lynn Welding moves to its first shop in Hartford CT. Later the company moved to Glastonbury and opened a second location in Granby.

1981  -  Lynn Welding is incorporated

Lynn Welding is incorporated

Jim realized the need for a specialty welding shop and Lynn Welding is incorporated in Connecticut. He named the company after his daughter Lynn.

1979  -  Start of Lynn Welding

Start of Lynn Welding

Jim Inglis begins welding brackets out of his home. He started out with one Tig welding machine.

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