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gtaw welding services

GTAW welding

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) capabilities. 

Fusion Welding Services

GTAW & Tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding services for aerospace and defense applications.

tig welding diagram

Precision TIG welding can be used and applied to different industries such as aerospace, medical and automotive. GTAW process is suitable for welding all material due to the electrode not melting during the welding operation. The electrode is made of tungsten alloy which can tolerate a very high temperature and would allow to weld at low current and weld as thin as 0.005-inch-thick material.

Filler material or welding wire/rod is used externally and will be consumed during the welding process. Precision GTAW can be performed using DCEP (Direct Current Electro Positive) which focuses on heating the electrode and DCEN (Direct Current Electro Negative) which focuses on heating more the base material. AC is typically used when welding aluminum because it helps with the cleaning as well as prevents potential porosities and cracks. Inert gas is used during the precision welding process and it works as a shield to protect the weld from contamination. Usually, Argon is the most common gas for the GTAW process and sometimes helium is used as well.

The GTAW process is very clean and requires highly skilled welders to perform the welding. That is the reason that GTAW is used for very critical applications such as the aerospace industry. GTWA produces a high-quality weld to assure successful joint and great appearance.

One of the potential issues to watch for while using the precision GTAW process is contamination. The base material and the filler material have to be extremely clean to produce a high-quality weld. If the base material, filler material is not clean and there is some moisture surrounding the weld area, that would affect the quality of the weld and perhaps will lead to potential defects. Our team is trained and experienced to produce a high-quality weld and successful results. We often consider GTAW as the more glamorous welding process.

Lynn Welding is qualified to weld per AWS D17.1, PWA 16, MIL-STD-2219, HS 191 , and many other aerospace welding certifications.

AWS D1.1-01-1
nadcap accredited fusion welding
Lynn welding  fusion welding
manual gas tungsten arc welding per mil-std-2219 stainless steel class a
inconel housing tach welding per aws d17.2-1
Class A, Type 1 aluminum welding
Copy of stainless steel aerospace tube weldments
GTAW gas tungsten arc welding per mil-w-8611 of stainless steel aerospace components
Aerospace industry fusion welding
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