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Resistance Welding

Nadcap accredited resistance spot & seam welding.

Welding Services

Lynn Welding Provides Nadcap-accredited resistance spot and seam welding services to our customers.

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Lynn Welding provides resistance spot welding and resistance seam welding services to many of its customers. Our team uses SCIAKY welders which are considered the best in the world for maintaining the strictest tolerances required by the aerospace industry. Our SCIAKY welders are capable of welding aluminum, Stainless steel, Titanium, Inconel, and most other metals while maintaining the proper conditions to ensure a quality weld. Our resistance welding operations are closely monitored by our internal quality department which ensures that all of the resistance welding functions fall within the guidelines set forth by NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program). 

Resistance welding is the process of joining two or more pieces of metal by the application of heat, electricity, and pressure. Resistance welding embraces the branch of welding art in which the welding heat is generated by the resistance of the parts being welded and the passage of an electric current. It differs from other forms of welding in that no extraneous materials such as fluxes, filler rods, etc. are used; therefore metallography of the weld is not complicated by the addition of these materials. Resistance welding further differs from the fusion welding process, by utilizing the application of mechanical pressure to forge the heated parts together. The effect of the pressure is to refine the grain structure, thus producing a weld with physical properties in most cases equal to the parent material, and sometimes even superior.

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Stitch Welding
Stitch Welding

the process of using the spot weld configuration but overlapping the actual weld nuggets over the length of the 2 pieces of metal being joined. This type of weld can produce the results of a seam weld in an area where two rotating wheel electrodes will not fit.

Resistance Welding

Metallographic laboratory

Lynn Welding’s metallographic laboratory is NACAP approved, Boeing Approved and Pratt and Whitney LCS approved. The laboratory undergoes regular internal and external audits to maintain its approvals and stay fully compliant to all customer and government requirements.

Our metallographic laboratory is furnished with highly specialized equipment that allows for metallurgical evaluation of resistance welded coupons. The facility has two identical stations that contain grinding, polishing, etching and evaluation capabilities.

“United Technologies Aerospace systems and the Management of this Program want to express a sincere thank you for your focused efforts to support our hardware needs. Working with Lynn Welding has been very rewarding and we really appreciate everything you have done for us."
LUnited Technologies Aerospace Systems
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