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wire edm services

Wire EDM Machining

Machining Services

EDM services, capable of holding tolerances up to .0001"

Since 2009, Lynn Welding has been providing Wire EDM services to customers throughout Connecticut. Our state-of-the-art programming and equipment enable us to fabricate intricate and complex parts with precision.

Wire EDM machining allows us to work on nearly any conductive metal without causing damage to the final parts. It minimizes stress on the workpiece and ensures high accuracy throughout the machining process.


Our Technology

Fanuc Robotic a-1B Wire EDM (X 18”, Y 12”, Z 8”)

Lynn Welding employs cutting-edge technology renowned for its unparalleled precision. Their Fanuc machines are engineered to optimize efficiency, reduce production time, and minimize unit costs, all while maintaining exceptional accuracy in cutting operations.

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"We were pleased with the quality of your work and appreciate the efforts you made.”
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To learn more about Lynn Welding's machining capabilities and to receive a quote please submit a request below. All requests for quotes will be fulfilled within 24 business hours!