Robotic Welding for Fast Turn Around

The Robotic Welding System is designed to weld parts at three separate stations presented to the robot.

ABB IRB 1600

  • 6-Axis Robotic Arm
  • 10 kg. Payload & 1.45m Reach


  •  2-axis work-piece positioner
  •  Up to 250 kg weight capacity
  • 1.18 diameter part envelope

ABB IRBP L-300 Tail Stock

  • Helps Support Long parts with A-250
  • Increases A-250 load capacity to 500 kg.

Fronius MagicWave 3000 TIG

  • TIG welding up to 300A

Arc Voltage Control

  • Enables through-the-arc seam-tracking for the TIG process

Why Robotic Welding?

  • Increased accuracy
  • Process reliability
  • Reduced welding cost
  • Exact repeatability
  • Increased productivity
  • Welding on multiple axes
  • Circumferential welding
  • Linear seam welding
  • Multiple locations welding

About our Robotic Welding Systems

The system is designed to weld parts at three separate stations presented to the robot. One station consists of a two-axis positioner featuring three tooling stations presented to a six-axis welding robot governed by a light curtain safety system so that operator intervention is fast, easy, and safe. The other two stations consist of a 2’x4.5’ weld tooling table protected by pneumatic telescoping barrier doors.

One to three stations and parts are presented to the robot while the operator waits outside of the protected zone. The positioner provides a 1.18m diameter tooling envelope equipped with two axes of manipulation, the tailstock allows for up to a 36” long part, thus the system is designed for flexibility and will accept a wide variety of the customer’s parts.

This system is designed with these multiple stations for flexibility, and to minimize the need for tooling change-out. The system uses an ABB 6-axis robotic arm integrated to Fronius TIG welding equipment to achieve needed quality and through-put of parts.

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