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Class A, Type 1 aluminum welding


Fusion Welding

Approved Welding Per D17.1

Certified By: American Welding Society

Certification: D17.1 Class A, B and C

Short Description: This specification provides the general welding requirements for welding aircraft and space hardware. It includes but is
not limited to the fusion welding of aluminum-based, nickel-based, iron-based, cobalt-based, magnesium-based, and titanium-based alloys using electric arc and high energy beam processes. There are requirements for welding design, personnel and procedure qualification, inspection, and acceptance criteria for aerospace, support, and non-flight hardware. Additional requirements cover repair welding of existing hardware. A commentary for the specification is included.

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American Welding Society
ITAR Certification
American Welding Society
AS 9100D ISO9001 Certified
Copy of stainless steel aerospace tube weldments

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