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resistance seam weld per D17.2

welding per 241-4

Kaman Approved Resistance Welding

Approved Welding Per


Certified By: Kaman Aerospace

Certification: 241-4

Specification: SAE-AMS-W-6858

Short Description: Resistance welding-seam

kaman (1)
Lynn Seam welding nadcap approved
Seam welding lynn welding (1)
NADCAP accredited resistance welding
nadcap accredited spot welding class A aluminum assembly
Nadcap accredited spot welding Lynn welding CT
Resistance seam welding NADCAP approved
resistance spot welded heat shield
resistance spot welding of aircraft parts
resistance spot welding per Mil-6858
resistance stitch welding
Resistance welding capabilities at lynn welding
resistance welding class A aluminum per d17.2, MIL-W-6858
resistance welding poke tack
Resistance seam welding at Lynn welding
spot welding lynn welding (1)

The team called an audible to jump on a quick call and shake out an opportunity. Plenty of knowledge at the table on the Lynn Welding side. Thanks!"

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