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resistance spot welding of aircraft parts (1)


General Electric Approved Resistance Welding

Approved Welding Per P8TF4

Certified By: General Electric

Certification: P8TF4

Specification Title: Resistance Spot, Seam, Projection and Capacitor Discharge Welding

Short Description: This specification establishes the requirements for spot, seam, projection, and capacitator discharge welded joints in products of iron, nickel, cobalt, titanium, aluminum and magnesium base alloys. CLASS A welds do not include welds in foil thicknesses (0.008 inch -- 0.20 mm -- or less).

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bell & e-17
Resistance seam welding NADCAP approved
NADCAP Accredited Welding
ITAR Certification
American Welding Society
AS 9100D ISO9001 Certified
Metal bellow seam weld (inconel)

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